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Deal with a Dark Lord
A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far, away...

(insert the appropriate music here)


Episode 3.1: Deal with a Dark Lord

It's a time of great darkness for
the Galaxy. Emperor Palaptine and
his new appentice, Darth Vader have
succeeded in wiping out most of
the Jedi Order. The few remaining
Jedi are scattered and hunted.

The Emperor has given his most
respected General, Grand Moff Tarkin
the crucial task of building a new
space station. This station, when
complete will cement his rule over
the few remaining star systems which
resist his rule.

One these systems, the planet Ryloth
holds invaluable construction
resources, ores that must be secured
by any cost. To this end Tarkin has
dispatched a new Sith Lord,
Darth Sinivar.

To ensure the cooperation of the
local government.Sinivar has sent a
team of capture droids to abduct a
Twi'ek Princess named M'reen.
Holding her captive, Tarkin intends
to extort the planet's cooperation.

However the abduction has drawn the
attention of a Jedi in hiding,
Aniande Syreen who pursues the
droids to the landing platform
where Sinivar awaits her captive

"Governor Tarkin is MOST displeased with this planet's lack of cooperation." The Sith snarled.

"AND harboring a Jedi Criminal - this is a very serious crime." She regarded Aniande much in the same way a Krayt Dragon considered it's prey.

"Until the government decides to provide the planet's wealth of Ore, the Emperor has decided that we shall take custody of the Princess."

The beautiful Twi'lek woman could only struggle uselessly within the Anti-grav harness in which she was bound.

She cocked her head sideways and called out to her droid servants, "Put her aboard my ship."

"She will be well taken care of in the Emperor's Detention facility." she said turning back to the Jedi.

"However, should the government decide to continue to withhold their support - the Emperor may decide to sell her to the Hutts - I hear they are paying well for beautiful Twi'leks."

Aniande's Lightsaber hummed to life.

"As for you, Jedi - i'm glad Lord Vader has somehow missed you, It's been long time since I've killed a Jedi."

The Sith's Twin Lightsabers hissed as they ignited.


Combining two of my favorite things! Star Wars and Bondage! :w00t:

I always wanted to do a lightsaber pic! :)

Hopefully, i've done a better job with my prequel than George did! :lol:

As always, hope everyone enjoys!


All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older, if that wasn't BLINDINGLY obvious =D
A Bad Day Adventuring
You know what's worse than not getting any loot?

Waking up to discover you've BECOME the loot! :lol:


Playing with different kinds of lighting, I was pleased with the effect I got on this simple pic - plus I haven't done a fantasy pic in AGES! :)

As always, hope everyone enjoys!


All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older, if that wasn't BLINDINGLY obvious =D
Open Air Market
"Look at this next beauty! Soft skin and a mane of Gold! A slave of the highest quality! We will open the bidding at 3000! Do I hear 4?...."


This one MIGHT be a personal record for the amount of characters in one shot! :w00t:

As always, hope everyone enjoys!


All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older, if that wasn't BLINDINGLY obvious =D
Maximum Security
"What the HELL is this?" sputtered the Special Agent, almost spitting out her coffee.

"The Prisoner you asked for, Ma'am." replied the guard in a even tone as he sat the truck upright.

"I Asked for Inmate #84252-73, not a refugee from 50 Shades of Gray."

The guard leveled a stern look at the Agent. "Ma'am I assure you the restraints are necessary, even bound like this - she is still the most dangerous person in this room."


Nothing like a good ol' heavy restraint picture! :w00t:

As always, hope everyone enjoys!


All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older, if that wasn't BLINDINGLY obvious =D
Wrecking the Curve
The ratcheting click of the handcuffs signaled the end of all but the most inconsequential of her struggles.

"You never get away with this you Biiiimphth!!!" she tried to yell as Courtney, otherwise known as the Alpha of the group (the Alpha BITCH to her enemies) firmly wedged the ballgag behind the squirming girls teeth.

After that, it was a simple matter for the gaggle of girls to bind thier helpless victim to the tree and shred her uniform with sadistic delight.

"You were warned," sneered Courtney "what would happen if you made us look bad on the Advanced Physics Test! Did you think I was bluffing? Well now you know I DON'T BLUFF."

"Don't go anywhere," Courtney chuckled snapping a picture with her cell phone "I'll let your jackass boyfriend know where you are sometime tomorrow night!"


The Evil College Schoolgirls seem to have gotten more evil in my absence! :O

My first attempt at a outdoor scene in a long time - and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out! :w00t:

Also another pic with almost no postwork! Although this one I had to render in 4 separate stages!

As always, hope everyone enjoys!


All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older, if that wasn't BLINDINGLY obvious =D
...don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! :P

2013 Wasn't what I'd call a banner year for year for me, I had a small plethora health problems (most of which are resolved thankfully).

In late November my System Drive, good ol' C:\ decided it wanted to self-destruct - taking with it my Poser directory, my custom texture folder, my model files and OH YEAH, the entirety of my Win 7 install. Effectively banishing me from DA until about 10 days ago.

But NOW, 1 1/2 months and 3 new hard drives later - i've got everything back! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

*Deep Cleansing Breath*

All I can say now, is that no matter how good or bad 2013 was for you folks - it is my fervant wish that everyone's 2014 goes a METRIC CRAPTON (that's a technical measurement) better than 2013. :D

Raise a glass folks, have a Happy New Year!

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